Ultimate Direction Utility Belt

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"Out of the three belts I tested, the Ultimate Direction Utility Belt is the only one I can recommend. Its simplicity in design and function has made it a go-to piece of gear for me." - I Run Far

We waited with anticipation. And then waited some more. BUT, it has finally arrived and we could not be more excited about it. The Utility Belt is sleek, durable and packed with storage. Carry a 500ml soft flask, trekking poles, any phone, a jacket, and other small valuables with no bounce. Perfect for a race where the required gear list isn't as long as your arm or to replace your handheld, or to use in addition to a vest when the kit list is as long as your arm. Use it everyday, use it casually if you want. It is that great, we wouldn't judge.

tip: wear it with the Ultimate Direction logo facing the front


Weight: 64grams
4 exterior pockets, 1 small secure and 4 large unsecured pockets
Bottle excluded
Rugged mesh material