GU Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Drink

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FINALLY! Someone has come out with a vegan energy drink. But seriously - this Roctane Energy Drink Mix is genius (and vegan friendly). It contains more electrolytes and carbohydrates than your standard energy drinks. Non-competing carbohydrates, maltodextrin and fructose, ensure maximised absorption and reduced stomach distress - so there wont be any port-a-loo pit stops necessary.

When you’re pushing yourself on the trail or road, you need an easy way to get both the hydration and energy you need to avoid bonking, stay energized, and keep competing. This is all-in-one solution to energy and hydration with key nutrients like electrolytes and branched-chain amino acids to keep you feeling strong and energised.


One 65g sachet contains:

  • 250kCal
  • 60g carbohydrates
  • 320mg sodium
  • 1900mg BCCA
  • 35mg caffeine

*caffeine content dependent on the flavour