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Remember when you were a kid and you were in the shops with you parents, and all you wanted was a Ben Ten or Barbie lucky pack. A lucky pack filled with mysterious sweets and rubbish toys – but the excitement of opening up this treasure of unknown goods was more important than the products actually inside.

Well… we have something WAY BETTER than this – because on top of the excitement of opening up a box of unknown goodies, you’re also guaranteed to be gifted (and your feet will thank you) with 3 pairs of mix ‘n match Injinji Performance toesocks! 3 Pairs at a bloody good price too if you ask us.

So don’t hesitate! Limited stock of these magic mix lucky packs!


Disclaimer: no returns or refunds, swaps or what nots. You get what you get, whether its crew, mini crew, no show, road or trail. Just know that you’re getting the goods and wait in anticipation for the big reveal!

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