The good old workhorse

Posted on 03/04/2019
Review for Escalante

I have been running in the Escalante for about a year-and-a-half and have thoroughly enjoyed them. My current pair are sitting on just short of 1,700km and apart from the sole in the toe area showing some wear they look as good as new. I am confident that the EGO midsole will outlast the rest of the shoe every single time and they feel pretty much as plush as they did on day one. If you are looking for something to use for anything from short speed workouts up to around 30km races (although I know of runners who marathon in them) these are a solid choice. Word of advice – as with all Altra shoes the toe box is fairly wide and that, coupled with the stretch in the upper, means that it’s probably a good idea to go at least half a size to a full size smaller than you normally would.

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