Stupid fast and surprisingly practical!

Posted on 03/04/2019
Review for Escalante Racer - Boston Edition

I started running in the Escalante racers about a year or so after I got my (regular) Escalante and the difference was noticeable immediately. After my first run in the Racers I was a little concerned with how firm the midsole felt and remember thinking that I probably wouldn’t be able to do more than MAX 10km at a time in them. Fast forward a couple of months and not only did I run a half marathon PB in them, they have become my go-to for 90% of my road work. The more responsive sole coupled with the slightly stiffer ride (due to the construction of the upper) makes you wanna go fast. That being said there’s still plenty of protection underfoot and you can comfortably race at least to the 21.1km distance in them. I originally thought that these would be a “nice-to-have” in addition to the regular Escalante but have since changed my tune and believe that they are in fact versatile enough to buy as an everyday trainer/racer on their own. Added bonus – they are pretty F&%$@N good looking to boot!

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