RUN Recommended: TOP YouTube movies to keep the Running stoke alive

Posted on 06/04/2020

You’ve watched all of Netflix, including Tiger King, and the cabin fever is slowly setting in. The idea of cleaning out that cupboard, while at the start of the week seemed a good idea, has become a task that just doesn’t seem worth the effort. You really just want to get moving again. The butt shaped impression on the couch, you have convinced yourself, however, has taken many hours to form and besides the couple steps to the fridge and back, requires constant maintaining. We may not be able to help you with the former task of cleanliness, but the latter problem we can somewhat help with. We have spent many hours ‘researching’ the top 10 YouTube videos that will inspire you to keep moving in whatever shape or form that may be during the lockdown, as well as get you going again post lockdown. 

And who knows, maybe in keeping the running stoke high, we inadvertently have helped inspire you to get off your couch to clean that cupboard. 

Popcorn at the Ready!

Leadman: The Dave Mackey Story 

On May 23, 2015, the unimaginable happened to Altra Running and CamelBak athlete Dave Mackey on a routine training run. At the summit of Bear Peak, a giant boulder became dislodged sending Mackey tumbling down the mountain before it also landed on him crushing his left leg. After a series of unsuccessful surgeries over the next year plus to get back to normal, he and his family made the difficult decision to amputate. This is his story about perseverance and coming back from the injury to attempting to complete the Leadville Race Series to become the first ever leg amputee to call himself a “Leadman”. 

RUNNER VS BASE JUMPER – The Romsdalshorn Challenge

Base jumper Tom Erik Heimen and trail runner Kilian Jornet ‘raced’ up and down the 1550m iconic climbing mountain of Romsdalshorn in Norway. Starting from the base of the mountain and carrying all they needed for the ascent and decent. Kilian running both up and down, and Tom hiking up and base jumping down, the two raced against one another to be the first to get back to the trailhead. 

Both of them hold many accolades in their respective sports and they came together over this spectacular challenge they simply could not resist. It is a nail biting race to the finish. Who will reach the bottom first? 

A Mile an Hour

It’s a marathon with a twist. Running around his block, a perfect one mile loop, Beau Miles commits to running one lap every hour for 24 hours. Between laps he vows to be as productive with his time as possible. Make things. Plant a tree. Chop some wood. It may be dubbed the most thoughtful, thinking, and doing day of his life. 

Where Dreams go to Die

This is a documentary following the story of Canadian runner Gary Robbins, who takes on The Barkley Marathons, a 100+ mile endurance race that has been dubbed; ‘the race that eats its young’. The toughest endurance event on earth. This journey follows Gary’s two attempts at completing the race. It is an emotional and powerful encounter of the events that span two years and is one of the more inspiring (and mind blowing) running documentaries we have watched. 

This one is a tearjerker so grab the tissues people and get ready for the ride that will show you the sacrifice and demons that come with taking on a race such as this. 

Beyond The Pines – A Karkloof100 Story

Follow the journey of a local SAFFA runner taking on the Karkloof 100, a race in KwaZulu Natal. Altra Red team athlete Colin van den Bergh, went into the race with an understanding that there will be lows and highs, but how low the lows he could not have anticipated. Follow his journey at attempting his first 100 miles in under 20 hours. 

100 Seconds to Beat the World

Follow the story of David Rudisha, Kenyan 800m athlete and his unusual Irish Catholic Missionary coach – Brother Colm O’Connell. Follow the story of – according to Tom Fordyce, BBC sports journalist – the greatest 800m athlete the world has ever seen, and also the ‘nicest man in his sport’. 

Dark Peak Fell Runners

Become a part of the Dark Peak Fell running community in this film, that follows the footsteps of this fell running club over a year long period. The film captures the quirks and personality of the community and shows off the fields, peat bogs and rocky trails in the Peak District that these Sheffield based fell runners call their playground. 

The Armed Robber Turned Pro Triathlete

As part of the ‘Way of the Wildcard’ series were the stories of unconventional athletes overcome adversity to achieve greatness. John McAvoy was born into a life of crime. The McAvoy surname was one of infamy throughout the UK. This is the story of how John went from a double life sentence to a world record holding triathlete, and motivational speaker. His story shows that there are many routes to success and that despite everything there is always a way to make an impact in the world.  

Of Fells and Hills 

Dive into the history, culture and legends of the Fell running community in the Lake District with Rickey Gates, American writer, Photographer and Trail runner. Sweeping mountains, and vast  ranges has led to a culture where one district, has provided the locals with enough exploration for an entire lifetime. 

The Grail Chasers (Otter Classic 2019)

Damian Schumann showcases one of the premiere trail running events in South Africa in this epic film on the 2019 Otter African Trail Run. The film depicts the essence of why runners run, it is to fuel their souls first and allow the rest to follow. It offers a glimpse into the mindsets of the Grail Chasers as they pursue new benchmarks on the technical, and breath-taking, Otter Trail.

So there you have it, the popcorn bowl is empty but the happy tank full. A great mix of clips, some short, some long and some in betweeners that have hopefully been the frothy milk/mylk added to your flat white stoke. The kick up the butt to get off your butt. Outside is waiting and we will all be biting at the bit to get out of that starting block when the gun goes off on the 17th of April. 

Now go clean that cupboard lazy. 

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