2020, the year to Dream

Posted on 12/03/2020

About the Author: Meg Mackenzie is a coach and trail runner. She tore up the trails last year at the Golden Trail Series, and is back this year to show em what she’s made of again. Dynamite in small packages people!

Feature Image: Kevin Sawyer

2020 has a big feel to it. Like it should’ve started with a bang or a ‘thing’ to define it.

For me, its been the opposite. I’ve been easing into the year gently, waiting for all the adventures that are just around the corner (Corona Virus permitting of course). Talking of Corona Virus, the first race on my calender was scheduled to be Mount Awa Skyrace and Vertical Kilometre in Japan, I was SO excited for this one but unfortunately I’ve made a decision to give it a skip due to the nature of the virus at the moment.

Later this month I’m heading to the Canary Islands for a Salomon Training camp. I’m really looking forward to learning more about all the products, tech and just generally running a ton in on some beautiful islands with lovely people!

Leading on from that and staying in the Canary Islands I’m going to tackle the famous Transvulcania VK and half marathon. Ever since I started trail running I’ve seen pictures of the likes of Emelie Forsberg and Anna Frost running that particular VK and I’m so excited to be going there to try it for myself!

I’ve heard Transvulcania is wild, lots of supporters, big vibe, loads of fun but I’m yet to believe its more epic than Zegama which is where I’ll be headed next. Zegama is the one race of the season that gives me heart flutters of excitement and cold chills of nerves at the same time. With its insanely tough climbing combined with fast running, the highest level of competition and thousands of people cheering you on all race long, it NEVER disappoints. Last year I didn’t even finish it and it didn’t disappoint. I’ve never done well at this race so I’m really looking forward to the challenge of facing up to those fears and giving it another shot. 

Mont Blanc Marathon is next up for me. This will be my 4th time doing it and it feels like home. I love the course, I love how it gives you a false sense of security and then kicks in the last 8km. There is something so comforting and exciting about racing a course you know so well, every twist and turn and up and down are so familiar and have their own stories. I”m really looking forward to adding to those stories this year with a new experience of the race.

Dolomites is another race I feel I know very well now. It will be my 3rd attempt and still, it’s exciting. Dolomites always leaves room for improvement given the difficult climb and technical descent, its a race of two halves and there’s so much opportunity for growth, courage and fun at this race!

My favourite one is up next! PIKES PEAK! I love Pikes Peak for so many reasons and I absolutely cannot wait to go back. You know when someone asks you about your happy place? Mine would be Nederland or Ned, a little town close to Boulder, CO. I’ll be doing most of my acclimation between Ned and Flagstaff this year and heading down to Colorado Springs closer to race day. I think acclimatisation is crucial for a race going up to 4300m so I’m spending a good 5 weeks in thin air to get ready for race day. 

I haven’t thought past Pikes Peak yet, I guess that takes me through to September so I’ll stop there and see where the trails take me after that. Of course, I’d love to go to the Golden Trail World Series final again, this time its in Patagonia so it’ll be a new and incredible experience.

 Mostly, I’m looking for growth (in whatever way, shape or form), courage, fun and to explore both new and old trails with an open mind and heart.

Image: Kevin Sawyer at Kloof Corner, the sunset spot paradise

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