Fill the Sock with more than just Socks

Posted on 19/12/2019

Last minute panic for those small item gifts for your running family and friends? Dont worry, we got you covered with more than just socks (although – we won’t lie, we do have some socks on the list, but socks are a great gift okay?). We asked the staff at the stores to give us their last-minute-dot-com ideas for gifts. Secret Santa we can hook you up no problemo!

Grant Boss Bryant

  • RUN Trucker because who doesn’t need one?
  • Falke Socks, you have the right shoes, now finish the job with some incredible socks
  • GU Stroopwaffels, because can you use them not only as race fuel, they are amazing with coffee in the morning as well 😉
  • UD Clutch, its ideal for a walker, runner, park-run, hiker, marathon, road, trail – essentially everyone can use it!

Jono Rumbelow

  • Sneaker Balls cause smelly feet are really no fun to deal with.
  • Squirrels Nut Butter Anti Chafe Stick. I prefer the stick to the tub stuff as you keen your hands clean, it applies easily and smoothly over the area needed and man does it work like a charm.

Dale Herring

Leanda de Bruin

  • Stroopwafels – because, “I wish I could have one every morning with my coffee before my run” (seems like a pretty good reason to us?)

Shaun Bolley

Toni McCann

  • I’d email and get a personalised online coupon. Or drop into the store and get an in-store gift voucher. Why limit your giftee’s choices – the RUN Store is like a deep labyrinth of good things just waiting to be found. Also, if you go in, you’re likely going to walk out with something for yourself too – cause what’s that saying again? The best gift is the one given to yourself? (Okay, I made that up, and I do think that the gift of giving is the best).

What are you gifting this Christmas to your running friends? Have you got an epic stocking filler idea that we have completely overlooked? We would love to hear from you in the comments below, cause RUN is a community before all.


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