Runners Apps you’ve never heard of. Maybe

Posted on 10/09/2019

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About the Author: Phil Harper is a below average runner, above average human and gear junkie who can often be found at peacocks.cronyism.spend


Every couple of months I seem to stumble across a ‘new’ article about Running Apps I apparently have to have. And whilst normally this would be an interesting, topic, most of these articles seem to regurgitate the same old ‘safe bets’ such as Strava, Relive, Movescount blah blah blah. Runners know these, its nothing new, interesting or fun. In fact a lot of people hate Strava (for killing Relive), they hate Relive (because its no longer on Strava) and they hate Movescount (for being Movescount).

I love running. I love apps. So I’ve merged those 2 passions into some thing I call Rapps®. Genius.

Rapps® can keep me entertained for hours. I’ve tried hundreds of them. However, under strict instructions I was told that I could only list 5. My first draft had 27. My second draft had 19. My 9thdraft got me down to 5. My main criteria for selection are Rapps® that I’m currently using, are applicable to runners, and are not household names (Yet. Maybe after this blog is published).

Zombies, Run! (Free. Pay for additional features)

This literally is a classic Rapps®. What’s not to love about heading outside, going for a “mission” (aka run) and having zombies chasing you?

This mission based game is focused on you being given a mission to run (or walk/jog which makes this also a great Rapps® for newbie runners wanting to make things a bit more fun) and whilst you’re out there listening to your play list, you’re going to hear a zombie chasing you! And the only way to survive your mission is to outrun your zombie. After every completed mission the challenges and intensity go up.

One small downside to this game is that you have to have your phone on you, and your earphones in. Not a big deal, but some people don’t like doing either of those when running.

On my last mission I was outrunning zombies whilst listening to Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams. What a hoot.

CARROT Weather (R79.99)

I know what you’re thinking “you paid R79,99 for a weather app when there are so many available for free???”.

I refuse to run in the wind. Any hint of wind and I call a Time Out. That’s why an accurate weather guide is so important to my running. Most weather apps are fine, but CARROT Weather is different. It’s on another level. For starters it talks to you and not just any normal polite weather chit chat. I’ve been told I have “sausage fingers” and labelled  “puny monkey brain”, amongst other things.

Pay R79.99 to be amused and abused by a weather app? YES PLEASE! Apart from that it’s visually appealing, easy to use, and even easier to understand (No scientific mumbo jumbo).  It breaks down the conditions hour by hour, is very accurate and is just downright the funnest weather app ever created in history.

All Trails (Free)

This is a great  Rapps® for road runners who want to get out onto the trail and not sure where to start, and its also great for trail runners who are in a new town, city, country and wanting to see if there are some cool trails to access. I’ve used this numerous times and the trail and route info provided are for the most part accurate. I’m a stickler when it comes to the design element of products and so from that side of things I’m not exactly blown away, but this is certainly a Rapps® worth keeping on your smart phone.

Yonder (Free)

This is a new to my Rapps® list and I haven’t fully made a decision on it but I thought it’s interesting enough to include on this list. To be honest like most people out on the trails, Instagram is the way to go, but including Instagram on this list of rough diamonds seems counter productive. Think of Yonder like a Instagram but for Adventures. It’s got the inspiring photo element to it, but links that to locations on a map. You can follow fellow adventurers/runners and see what adventures they are up to. I really like the idea of possibly using it when overseas or out of town and you’re looking for inspiring outdoor places to go.

 What Three Words (Free)

This Rapps® is just downright awesome. The developers have allocated a unique 3 word address to every 3mx3m  area on the entire planet! So instead of calling your buddy up and saying “I pulled my calf muscle urgently pick me up at  33.9628° S, 18.4098° E, now you can just say “I’m at Species.Meteorite. Penthouses” and they will able to locate you anywhere in the world! GPS co-ordinates are the new VHS. This Rapps ® is also ideal for getting you out of any trouble you run into whilst using Yonder or All Trails! I often just find myself using this at random moments in the day. As of writing, I’m currently situated at “ballrooms.deceitful.scarfs”.

That’s my list of  5 Rapps ® worth having on your phone. I’m always on the lookout for more to play around with, so if you have any to share please leave in the comments below so I can Rapps® them out (see what I did there?).




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    An interesting app that all Trail Runners should also have on their phone is the African Snakebite Institute. We are getting into that time of year where snake encounters are going to be more common. The app provides you with a list of phone numbers and information relating to snakes and how to respond to a snake bite or relocating a snake responsibly.

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