Spring Races 2019

Posted on 18/07/2019

Even the most hardened of runners struggle to keep the routine going through winter, some use it as an off-season and some use it to come out flying in the Springtime. Whichever category you fall into, the single-digit temperatures and shorter days are enough to suck all motivation for training and send you straight into hibernation.

Although you would be forgiven for stuffing your face with soup and garlic bread, while binch watching Stranger Things on Netflix till the warmer days return, we know nothing motivates training quite like entering a race. Putting money down on a race is a good way to get you out of bed when it’s 5 degrees outside and you would rather hit the snooze button than head out the door for a run.

Here are 6 of our favourite Spring runs, 3 trail and 3 road, to help keep you motivated in the darkness of winter. Go on, challenge yourself and defeat your inner Mind Flayer (Stranger Things reference for those not in the know).

Spring-time road races

1. Satori Camel Run | 16km | 1 September 2019

Image: Joanna Thomas

You don’t always need an excuse to venture out to the seaside town of Noordhoek, but if you do, the Sartori Camel Run is more than enough. One of the most popular events on the WPA calender, the Camel Run is a fantastic 16km run that takes you for a picturesque tour through Noordhoek.

After the run be sure to check out the Noordhoek Farm Village Market for a late breakfast, or if an early beer is more your thing then Aegir Project Brewery definitely needs to be on your list of places to visit post-race.

For more info CLICK HERE.

2. Cape Town Marathon | 5km 10km 42.2km | 15 September 2019

Image: Supplied

The CT Marathon is Africa’s only IAAF Gold label status marathon and it is also now a qualifier for the infamous Comrades Marathon. Like the great city marathons all over the world, the CT Marathon is one of the best ways to see the city of Cape Town and take in all it’s atmosphere and history.

For more info CLICK HERE.

3. Constantia Valley Grape Run | 21km | 29 September 2019

Image: John Mullins

As the name suggests, the Constantia Valley Grape Run is predominantly run on gravel roads leading in and out of the famous vineyards in the Constantia Valley. Don’t let the thought of grapes and delicious wine fool you, this is by no means an easy walk in the park. It isn’t the toughest half marathon out there but it’s tough enough for you to justify a glass (or three) of wine after the race.

You will struggle to find a more beautiful half marathon in Cape Town than this one.

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Spring-time trail races

1. The Table Mountain Challenge (TMC) | 44km Solo or Team of 2 | 1 September 2019

Image: Rae Trew-Browne

TMC is one of Cape Town’s more infamous trail events. Enter solo and run the 44km or enter as a team of two to complete the 44km in a relay style format. The route is simply breathtaking with pretty much all of Table Mountains best views on offer. Runners also get to go through the Orangekoolf area which is normally closed to mountain users.

As with all events on Table Mountain, the route is rocky and technical so runners entering the 44km need to be fully prepared and fit. If you are running the solo 44km make sure to save some legs for the Contour Path section through Newlands Forest.

For more info CLICK HERE.

2. Peace Trail Run | 12km 22km | 14 September 2019

Image: Rae Trew-Browne

Run in conjunction with the CT Marathon, the race organisers are thankfully not ones to leave us dirtbags with all the FOMO. Two routes are available, a 22km and a 12km, which cater for all levels of trail running abilities. Both routes start and end in Greenpoint and takes the runners up onto Signal Hill to explore the trails along the spine of Signal Hill and around the base of Lions Head.

The views of Cape Town below you will most certainly be worth the effort it will take to get up there.

For more info CLICK HERE.

3. HEX SkyRun | 24km 36km 55km | 19 October 2019

Image: Supplied

Taking place in the Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve, the HEX SkyRun is fast becoming known as one of the toughest high altitude races in the Western Cape. The Matroosberg Peak is the second-highest peak in the Western Cape and runners in the Bone Crusher Ultra event will tag it 3 times. Runners in the 36km SkyRun will luckily only tag the peak once. At 2300m asl the views from the top are pretty spectacular. For runners looking for a little less of a challenge  you can enter the 24km which turns back about 3/4 of the way up to the summit.

Although it takes place in Spring the peak has been known to be under snow as late as October.

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2 Bonus Trail Races not in the Western Cape

Heaven and Hell Mountain Marathon | 5km 8km 14km 22km 44km | 21 September 2019

Image: Alpine Swift Trails

Based in Rhodes in the Eastern Cape, the Heaven and Hell Mountain Marathon has been tipped as the most difficult 44km in SA and possibly even the whole world. With an average altitude of 2150m asl and total elevation gain of 3756m on some of the Drakensberg’s most technical trails, we are struggling to find a race anywhere that boasts more of a challenge when it comes to climbing.

But don’t only take our word for it, read more about this crazy event HERE.

Karkloof100 | 80km 160km | 21 September 2019

Image: Rae Trew-Browne

South Africa’s most popular 100 miler with more than 75 finishers in 2018. If enjoying pristine trails for hours and hours and hours is your thing, this race is for you. You would think it impossible to mainly stick to singletrack over 160km but the Karkloof Conservancy in KZN is a mecca of hundreds upon hundreds of kms of trails which means there is very little dirt road running. The race also features an 80k event.

For more info CLICK HERE.


Do you have any favourite Spring-time races you would like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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