Pie for PI

Posted on 01/03/2019

The 14th of March (3/14) is the day where PI as in the number, not the dessert, is celebrated.

Why may you ask, are we as people of Run bothered with such a day? Well, if you must ask here are some fun PI facts for you:

  • 3.14 is the number of times you have to run around a 400m track to cover 1256m
  • 3.14 is the number of calories an average weight, middle aged man burns in 260m
    when running at 6min/km
  • 3.14 is the number of kilograms lost in water weight when running in KZN humidity
  • It’s the number of shots of coffee any self-respecting runner will consume on an
    average day
  • It’s the number of seconds it takes for you to decide that the hill you just ran was
    totally worth the sweaty pits and unattractive panting when you see the view from
    the top

Its also just a bloody good excuse to have some fun!

So in light of the two-quadrillionth digit of pi being calculated (it was “0” if you were interested), we will be celebrating the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter with – you guessed it – A RUN!

We pose you with the #Run4Pi challenge:

Step 1. Run 3.14km as fast or as slow as you want or need
Step 2. Get creative with your route and make us some Strava Art – A slice of a pie? A coffee cup? The word RUN? See some
examples at the end of this post.
Step 3. Go wild with your designer route in 3.14km, upload your route to Strava, take a screenshot of the art and
post it to Instagram
Step 4. Tag us @run_storeza with the #Run4PI hashtag

Come 14th of March you could be the winner of a good old fashioned pie for your creative finesse and fitness (you earned that pie).

So what you waiting for, let us eat pie! Run for PI!


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